asy KA door controller

Up to 500 users can be programmed

Optical tampering detection

Ambient operating temperature -20 C to +63 C


                                                             Technical Data  






 Loop Detector 12/24v

    BASIC PRODUCT INFORMATION:-  Operates on AC or DC Voltages nominally from 12 to 50 Peak Volts., being typically 12 to 50Vdc and 12 to 36Vac (50Vac peak equates to 36Vac average (sinusoidal) voltage reading.  Compact Size, of ONLY 66mm. long  x  50mm. wide  x  20mm. high (excludes 8mm. mount lugs)   Convenient "Plug - In" 12-Terminal Connector, allowing all wiring to be easily pre-connected before plugging in and let it work ! Detailed Label gives all input & outputs available via the 12 terminals. Factory Default Settings are adequate for nearly all common installations, but dip-switch settings available for experienced users. Instruction Sheet supplied with each unit provides basic information on loop installations and repeats settings and functions. A more extensive manual is emailed to all buyers, with loop construction information.                              







                                 Photo beams

AC/DC 10-24V input voltage



433mhz antenna with bracket

Electric strike  12vdc/24vdc  

magnetic locks  12vdc-24vdc   

                                10 watt solar panel.  Ideal size for farm gates etc.   


Maintenance free lead acid standby battery for automatic gate kits.


7ah -