Gsm Access Control Products


 3G network compatible    

The  is a simple system to allow remote control and also monitoring of isolated or unmanned sites and saves on any of attendance costs incurred for false alarms on systems.

Let your Mobile Phone be your Universal Remote Control. Forget the conventional remote control, you can now open your auto gate, garages, switch on the heater, thermostat, machines, air conditional, computer servers with your Mobile Phone. Just 'speed-dial' a secure telephone number which identifies you as an Authorized User and the electric devices will turn on/ off. There are no call costs to use the as all incoming calls are rejected once authorized.

Save money on providing everybody with a remote control, let them use their mobile phone. Everybody has a mobile phone, let it be a universal remote control!

The  GSM remote controller incorporates a professional industrial grade GSM engine that receives calls at its SIM number, as any other ordinary GSM phone. The system operates in the GSM module quad band 850/900/1800/2100Mhz. Just to give an example, if your SIM has a phone number 9228 9810, that is the number you have to call to switch on/ off electric devices such as Automatic Gate, Heater, Fridge, HVAC, pump, motor and a lot more.

The system has a memory where the designated numbers are stored with a maximum of up to 800 numbers. When the GSM receives a call, it will check the calling number and validate it with the listed numbers. If the number is in the list then it will reject the call and open the gate, switch on the boiler, turn on the heater, power up the motor and etc. The system does not answer the call, it simply checks the caller ID. Your network must send the caller ID otherwise the GSM remote control will not work.

Usually operators don't charge until you answer the call, so it won't cost you anything to open the gate with the RTU 5025. Of course, an active SIM is needed for this to be possible. To store a number, you simply send an SMS, that starts with a password to the  GSM controller, indicating the phone number to enable its position in the list. Numbers are stored in the system's memory and not on the SIM. This prevents someone from removing the SIM to copy all the numbers into a mobile phone. Only the one who knows the password can insert or delete enabled phone numbers.

The  GSM controller doesn't have limitations like a normal remote control. Using a mobile phone you can open from very far away, even from another city! (International Roaming Required).It is really convenient to control your electric devices.


1. Remote switch on and off any electrical appliances by simply ringing the
    GSM remote controller number
2. Remote monitoring - with the digital event input, alarm can be easily
    transmitted to the designated mobile phone by SMS
3. Programmable SMS text alerts
4. Simply SMS text command format
5. Password protection
6. DC Opto-isolated input - when the input is connected to 9VDC-15VDC
7. Relay output (1A/250ACV, 1A / 48DCV)

GSM Remote Control (Output)

Installed in Parallel of the low voltage opening button of the equipment to enable it to be switch on/ off by GSM phone. It can be programmed up to 99 registered user's phone number to switch on/ off with their mobile phone or landline with no cost of call to the user - Absolutely Free Of Charges.