Why choose us:

Automation systems and gate supplies  use only the quality that will meet Australian standards, materials are sourced through only quality assured companies. we have found in the past its not worth the trouble to chase cheaper materials. You will find ASGS gates are economically priced and extremely sturdy because of uniquely engineered vertical weld design. Each base gate is jig built controlling the quality and placement of all key structural welds while reducing the cost of production. From our base design we can add beautiful ornamentation and custom sculpted top to complement your taste. Driveway gates enhance your life in many ways including security, adding value to property, style and sophistication, animal retention, and much more. Each gate comes standard with roller bearing hinges,

Gate Measurements


Crossbar – Each picket is sandwiched between two structural crossbars, at bumper height and at the top. These crossbars, are the pivotal point of strength that is unique to our gates.  rectangular tubing with a wall thickness of  between 1.6-2.5mm depending the customers requirement.

Frame - Frame members are all 40mm X 40mm square tubing with a wall thickness of a full 1.6-2.0mm The added thickness over our competitors allows increased structural support and durability

Post - Posts are available through ASGS and are designed to be extremely compatible to our gates. Choosing our post insures perfect compatibility for installation without any welding necessary. The posts come with the hinge barrels attached for sure placement. The hinge barrels themselves are adjustable to account for slight variations from the mounted post being perfectly plumb this unique DIY installation system allows for greater flexibility while insuring level swing even if post are not perfectly plumb.

Gate Customization

Design and style – All gates can be customized by using any of our decoration available on ASGS , will weld on ornaments at no extra charge. The spears at the top of the pickets can also be upgraded though our site and are added at no extra charge.

Many factors can lead to a decision on what shape you would like your gate to take: the shape of landscaping, surrounding fences, patterns on the house, etc. Luckily  ASGS can sculpt the top of your gate with any curve that meets your tastes. We can add 1 or 2 decorative bars that follow the curve or cap your gate. Other gate companies force you to choose between cheap standard mass produced gates that all look the same or overpriced custom gates.  ASGS is your alternative, giving you the price of a mass-produced gate but the individuality and quality of a custom gate.

Painting - Painting steel and aluminum takes a level of experience and expertise many gate manufacturers overlook. The pretreatment combination used by ASGS  has been tested to withstand years of outdoor punishment. ASGS  uses chromate to insure the alumiuium is protected. It is imperative that new or bare metal and aluminum is pretreated prior to painting.Alot of gate companies don't access the companies they deal with.  All our supplies are accessed on there quality standards prior to any commencement of painting or powder coating.



Gate Automation

The Estate swing® is the recommended gate opener for use with ASGS   gates. The structural member is exclusively designed to be sturdier than on other gates and absorb the wear and tear a gate opener can exert on a gate. The dimensions of the structural member and the post are specifically developed with the recommended opener in mind. No modifications will be necessary when setting up our gates to work with our openers Simply follow the directions supplied with your opener or from our website in conjunction with a ASGS  made gate and your gate installation will be an easy task for any do-it-yourselfer. Other compatible openers include all Italian made or quality assured gate openers.